Sunday, June 20, 2010

wow this went by fast!

Sooooo.... it's been a while. I am now down to the last few weeks! just about 7 weeks to go before meeting baby Ethan! :) so excited, and a little nervous too. It will be a little different with 3 youngsters in the apt. I'm still hoping and praying for a full time job somewhere. but for the summer Sylvan is giving me 30 hours a week which is definitely needed!

Ethan is very active and i just can't wait to hold him and watch his personality develop and grow. it is so fun and exhausting having a newborn, but it will all be worth it. :)

not much else to say today, just amazed at how fast this time went by. seemed to take forever to find out the gender of the baby, then just like that i'm down to the less than 2 months away! ahhhh!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

26 weeks!

Some baby developments:

This week, some of his most notable developments are cosmetic: His eyebrows and eyelashes are thick and lush now, and the hair on his head has grown longer and denser. By this time, all the parts of your baby's eyes are in place, and he's getting ready to open them in just a couple of weeks! Your baby's lungs continue to grow stronger, readying him for life outside the womb -- although it's about 10 more weeks until they'll be fully mature. To support his growing body, your baby's spine is becoming stronger and more flexible. It's about the same length as the palm of your hand, but it contains a whopping 150 joints, 33 rings, and some 1,000 ligaments.

I love re-learning about how my baby Ethan is growing inside me! It is so cool to learn about how God creates the perfect little being over the course of 9 months!

I am feeling more and more pregnant now. Getting antsy to get a new dresser for the boys and get things more organized for the baby.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Baby Betz and other news

So i'm going to try to keep this updated again. we'll see if it lasts and for how long. lol.
the latest news if you have not yet heard is that we are expecting our third baby boy. !
i know three boys! what was i thinking. lol.
it should be quite an adventure and i am looking forward to when they are all school aged and i can teach them all the nerdy science stuff. lol.

still hoping that Ryan gets moved to days SOON! because i really dont see how this will work out with a new baby in the house if he is working nights still.

also thinking about looking for another job. i like sylvan but they are not giving me the hours i need to pay bills and save for the new little one. student loans will need to be paid back soon and i need more than 10-14 hours a week of work!

so pray for that situation. i'm not really sure what to do. maybe i'll just try to sub more. i haven't subbed since the long term job ended. kinda miss it.

well guess thats all for now. Oh! baby name, Ethan James. so with that our family is complete. Hunter pronounces Ethan as "Ef-bin" it is so cute!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

in case anyone still checks my blog...

in a nutshell,
finished student teaching, now i am just waiting on getting my first aid class done and i can have a teaching certificate. yay me.
been real busy. just started a long term sub job at marshall and also was hired at Sylvan Learning center.
i'm enjoying being in the classroom again, but wishing that i had more time in a day. or more help around the house. anyone interested in a nanny job, or a house cleaning job? lol. (if only we could afford to hire a housekeeper!)
other than that, no real news yet.
just tired all the time, kids wear me out. and i am counting down the days until Ryan will be on first shift all week because right now I HATE weekends. they are not relaxing at all for me, and Ryan is constantly tired from having no sleep schedule.

pray that he gets put on days soon. and that i can find some extra energy or time to get things done that I need to. right now i'm just tired and stressed form having too much to do and no time. :/

Sunday, July 26, 2009


our computer will not load the "cutestblog on the block" background i had, so i have no idea what our blog looks like. sorry if it is hard to read or all the colors clash or something. one of these days i'll change it, but not tonight. bed early for me tonight! lol.

life lately

Well, I managed to go all of June with no posts. Blogger I have forgotten about you. sorry. I will try to keep this updated better.

This last week i have been consumed with preparing for SAU's science camp they hold each year. I am in charge of the 3-5th graders. (yikes!) In five short days (really short, we only had four hours a day to prep) I, with the help of one 5-6th grade teacher, have planned and practiced 8 demos, and 24 activities to do with the 30 kids. wow.

But it has been a blast so far and tomorrow I get to see all my hard work pay off!
In the next week we will be learning about how submarines change their depth in the water, density, humidity, clouds, looking at pond water under a microscope, learning about light, playing with glow sticks, playing with slime, Solar bags and UV light beads, melting pennies, zinc plating pennies, turning them brass, playing with dry ice, baking soda and vinegar reactions, mentos in pop, and did I mention yet walking on water. phew!

some of the demos the camp director has planned are really really cool, Rubens Tube demo (Rubens tube involves propane and "dancing" flames to music-so cool) ( i think you can youtube it) and making dippin' dots with liquid nitrogen are just a couple of them.

oh we are also testing foods for starch/sugar content with iodine and cabbage juice pH tests! and separating the colors out of markers using chalk and water. I am such a nerd, I get so excited about some of this science stuff. hehe. I just love watching kids get excited about the world they live in and exploring it in a whole new way than usual.

hopefully i'll remember to post some updates on how its going!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am graduated! well, almost. lol. I was able to walk with my class yesterday and obtain a nice little folder thing that will eventually house a special piece of paper signifying my certification to teach.
but for now, I have two summer classes and a semester of student teaching to finish first. oh and two certification tests to take this July. But i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is growing brighter with each passing day! lol.

It was great to be able to walk with all of my friends and to enjoy all of the festivities surrounding graduation. I graduated with honors (Cum Laude) and i'm so glad to be almost done! i have enjoyed college life, but i am so ready to enter the working world and start paying off this school debt!

my family all came down to the honors ceremony friday evening and again saturday morning to watch me walk, then the in laws came saturday afternoon to celebrate with me after the grad ceremony. :)

here are some pictures from the weekend :)